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2007 Events Forecast  

By David Lim

2007 brings along the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Lunar Calendar it certainly will be full of promises and expectations, as the GOLD committee is graced with new faces including myself at the helm.

2006 was capped off with GOLD being the recipient of a number of international awards for its contributions, congratulations to Helene Fung, previous chair and current Vice Chairperson for your leadership. These recognitions, no doubt, will give the committee extra incentive to repeat not only same feat but continuing to strive for improvement.

The conclusion of our first general meeting for IEEE GOLD committee captured a list of potential function ideas that may tantalise your taste buds, this year’s theme shall revolve around money, career and health, plus some events with an intellectual/technical flavour.

Financial Planning

Young working professionals who have been in the workforce for a number of years would be keen to find out how they could develop a financial road map in realising their goals whether this is buying your first property, retirement plans, starting your own business and/or funding a year long oversea travels. Within this calendar, GOLD plans to set up a number of interactive workshops allowing all participants to share their knowledge & research within the presence of a certified financial planner. The first one is planned for late March. Stay tuned for more details!

Self Defense Classes

These introductory session are aim to assess the benefits to personal fitness along with personal security, it is likely that this event to be jointly coordinated with the Women In Engineering (WIE) group.

Quiz Night/Sun downer

The ever popular sun downer will be undergoing some experimentation this year with the inclusion of a quiz night. This mix of trivial pursuit, casual drinks and door prizes is aimed to bring along a more diverse crowd to the event.

Railway Tunnel visit

The Perth to Mandurah railway project has progressed with much anticipation since it was first announced. We hope to get in touch with Metro Rail in organizing a tour of facility to better grasp what will be a monumental project in the history of Perth.

Police Communication Centre

The computer based telephone system was opened in 2002 in Midland, this centre houses telecommunication equipment to cater for 000 emergency calls throughout the metropolitan. Recently it was announced on the Western Australia police website it the rollout of the digital radio network in the early quarter of 2007.

Wine Tasting/Sundowner

An event is in the pipeline, possibly with the youth branch of the WA Chinese Chamber of Commerce, to co-host a wine sampling night allowing patrons to pick a few pointers when selecting a bottle fitting to their pallet of taste, or simply a sundowner to mingle over drinks.

Planetarium Visit

The newly refurbished Scientech now houses a fully functional planetarium in the same premises Perth residents came to known as Omni Theater. Likewise to its predecessor, the audience sits comfortably on armchairs situated on a 45 degree slope. The balance between science, the latest sound and multimedia equipment comes together to deliver fantastic exploration stories as human being strive to understand the world around them.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

The constraint of long working hours, deadlines and restricted lunch rooms has make it all too tempting to grab fast food for nourishment often with unhealthy consequences. GOLD aims to bring together workshop from nutrition expert on the preparation of easy and healthy meals as well as better explain the benefits of particular food that reduce stress, fatigue and boost energy and well being.

Central Park Traffic Control

The building familiar to most Perth resident as the Bank West tower houses the control unit for all traffic across the metropolitan. For those who regularly view the traffic report on The Morning Show available on Channel 7 would have seen the electronic board displaying various CCTV feed from cameras across Perth showing the traffic flow.

University Exhibits/Projects

GOLD, with the aid of the Student Branches, will be on the look out for interesting university projects and exhibitions to bring to the attention of our members.

Fremantle Harbor Master Control

The harbor town of Fremantle is constantly bustling with shipping activities. The visit to the Master Control station will showcase how the people and sophiscated equipment achieved this demanding task day in day out.

This is just a sample of the events that GOLD hopes to bring to its members throughout the calendar year, it is no simple feat and we couldn’t do it without the time and effort contributed by our volunteers. For those interested please contact any of our committee members to learn further what is involve and the benefits of becoming one. Likewise, we welcome all suggestions for events that IEEE members would like to see GOLD organise this year.

A feature we would also like to introduce/facilitate is the cross promotion of GOLD functions with the R10 Asian Pacific region, including Affinity groups based in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore just to name a few. Traveling members can take advantage of their trip to make contacts with GOLD on the ground whether this is for travel tips on holiday or industry reference and/or contacts. After all, IEEE’s motto is networking the world!

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